Assistance and Facilities

Please anticipate your arrival at the airport and keep your passport at hand you may be controlled.

We recommend to the attendants to check the flight schedules, or contact our call center at number 080 1000 224.













The ONDA has implemented a variety of services to make your time at the Airport a pleasant memory.

For more details please refer to the page of your Airport.

The Expectations of “the Passenger” Customer

Passengers also aspire to a smooth and safe journey, either on arrival, during correspondence or at departure. They also want a barrier- free path, without any discomfort, in a warm atmosphere and a climate of confidence.


  • Reliable and current (prepare the trip, access to the airport, etc.): Website, call center...
  • Move easily and effectively in the airport: Signals in the terminal, tele-display devices....
  • Get informed of change in real and right time: Information desks, tele-display and sound systems…

Reception and Assistance

  • A diversified transportation to reach or leave the Airport:
    • Transportations’ diversification to serve connections between the airport and the city.
    • Secured parking with a good capacity duly arranged for long term-stay vehicles.
    • Drop-off circuits.
  • Professional assistance: Information desks, courteous staff, etc
  • Assistance and reactivity to unexpected events:
    • Information (Delay, diversion, cancellation, etc.)
      • Means of communication.
      • Medical assistance (UMU).
      • Evacuation plans.
  • Services adapted for special customers (PMR):
    • Dedicated parking spaces.
    • Infrastructure and Equipment (Ramps, Elevators, etc.)

Fluidity and comfort

  • Reducing the waiting- time along the course of the passenger:
    • The implementation of Human and Material Resources (operating agents, check –in desks and police counters, etc.).
    • The Supervision of delay processing along the route (departure and arrival)
    • The implementation of fast circuits (Fast Track) dedicated to certain categories of passengers.
    • Coordinating meetings to manage peak periods.
  • Improving the management of queues at different processing points:
    • Material and human devices for the organization of queues.
    • Dynamic management of queues at the level of different processing points.
  • Convivial areas offering the Passengers all the necessary conveniences to their well being:
    • Cafes / Restaurants.
    • Shops and Stores ‘’Duty Free’’.
    • Currency Exchange Offices.
    • Sanitary blocks.
    • Places of worship.
  • A modern infrastructure that meets expectations of the passenger in a warm and agreeable climate:
    • Air-conditioning
    • Seats
    • Luggage-trolleys


The implementation of security measures in accordance with national and international requirements :

  • Infrastructures and Equipments in accordance with national requirements.
  • Coordination of the implementation of  security measures with all partners.