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The locality of our airports is being increasingly sought for Movies production on national as well as international levels. Indeed, our airports have witnessed the making of major worldwide famous works. This has promoted Morocco, with its variety of landscapes, the Mediterranean on the North, and the sand dunes on the South, to become a popular location for film-making favored by the greatest directors on the globe.

The Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA), in its efforts to organize and facilitate access to this service within its different airports, has set up film-making procedures specifying the process of issuing filming authorizations, and referring to the required documents, deadlines, as well as a detailed fees list.

Being fully aware of the role the 7th Art plays in the cultural development of societies, and with the ambition of supporting and promoting the Moroccan Film-making industry, ONDA exempts all national productions (excluding commercial ones) from fees on filming inside the airports localities across the Kingdom.

  • All team members must comply with the health measures in force, to fight against the spread of CORONAVIRUS;
  • All team members must present their vaccination passes. Anyone who does not present this document will not be authorized to access the Airport;